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Booklist reviews Michael Slack’s Dragon Meets Boy

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Booklist calls Michael Slack’s new picture book Dragon Meets Boy published by Christy Ottaviano/Henry Holt, “a poignant exploration of friendship.” Congratulations Michael!


You can buy the book here

Two Painted Words Titles Nominated for The Sunshine State Young Readers Award for 2020-2021!

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I Don’t Like Rain Is Out Now!

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I Don’t Like Rain, the latest book from Sarah Dillard, is out now! You can pick up a copy of the book here. Congrats Sarah!

What Is A Refugee? Included On List of Notable Social Studies Books for Young People

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The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council joined to create the Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People list. Books included on the list are deemed exceptional for teaching in social studies classes. This year, the list includes What Is A Refugee? by our very own Elise Gravel! Congrats, Elise, for being included on such an important list! The full list will be published in the May-June issue of Social Education.

You can purchase What Is A Refugee? online here.

Praise for Vanessa Brantley Newton’s Just Like Me

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Vanessa Brantley Newton recently spoke with the Nerdy Book Club about her bestselling book Just Like Me, saying that she hopes “that when little girls get this book they will see themselves in every poem or at least read something that will connect with them.” She was also invited by The Embrace Girls Foundation to discuss the importance of the book, and to spend the day storytelling and drawing with the girls there.

Vanessa’s hopes for her book to be inclusive and celebratory have been achieved, as Bookriot’s review of Just Like Me says, “This is a book that celebrates being who you are in whatever shape that may be.” Praise also came from Publisher’s Weekly, who called it “thoughtful, inclusive, and celebratory.” Likewise, Kirkus says the book displays “A dynamic, uplifting, and welcoming world of girls.” Congrats, Vanessa, and thank you for creating such a magical and important book! 


The full Bookriot review can be found here.

The Kirkus book review can be found here.

The Publisher’s Weekly review can be found here.

Vanessa’s interview with the Nerdy Book Club can be found here.

Black PRWire’s announcement of Vanessa’s event with The Embrace Girls Foundation can be found here.

Just Like Me is available for purchase online at the link here.

Arithmechicks Add Up, Jia Liu’s Newly Illustrated Book Gets a Glowing Review from School Library Journal!

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Jia Liu’s Illustrated book Arithmechicks Add Up, released in August by Boyds Mills Press, has received a great review from School Library Journal. School Library Journal says of the unique math book, “Liu’s illustrations give the text context” and “the chicks are easy to see and count”.

Pick up your copy here

Jia Liu and Sarah Jung Are Winners of the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Window Display Contest!

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Congratulations to Jia Liu and Sarah Jung for winning the Enoch Pratt Free Library Window Display Contest! Their artwork will be displayed through December at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, so make sure to stop and check it out!

Mark Rogalski’s New Novelty Book, Make Me A Monster, Is Now Available!

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Make Me a Monster by Mark Rogalski is out now! This novelty book has multiple flaps that let the reader create an awesomely scary monster transformation with each flap of the page.

Get your copy here

Singing Nana, Illustrated By Alyssa Bermudez Receives Great Reviews!

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Alyssa Bermudez’s new illustrated picture book, Singing Nana, written by Pat Mora, has received praise from Kirkus Reviews. Coming out October 15th from Magination Press, the book is about one family’s experience with Alzheimer’s. Kirkus commends “Bermudez’s colorful, vibrant scenes” saying they  “offer a window and a mirror to culture and custom,” and describes the book as a “tender tribute to families who have loved ones suffering from dementia.” Publishers Weekly calls the book, “A winning story that also serves as a useful family resource.”

Pre-order your copy here

Beth Mill’s Debut Picture Book, Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen Is Out Now!

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Beth Mill’s debut author-illustrated picture book, Ella Mckeen Kickball Queen, is now available from Lerner Books! Ella McKeen is the ruling kickball queen until a new girl comes to school and challenges her. It’s already received glowing reviews from School Library Journal and Kirkus. SLJ writes, “Mills’s expressive digital illustrations show a diverse classroom grappling with slice-of-life recess situations.” And Kirkus writes, “Readers will close this emotionally intelligent book with strong feelings­­­- and will likely ask to hear it again and again.”

Order your copy of the book here