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Happy Book Birthday to Tiny Barbarian illustrated by Ashley Spires!

13 Jul 2021

Happy Birthday to Tiny Barbarian (HarperCollins) by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Ashley Spires.

Kirkus calls the book “A rollicking read-aloud. Spires imbues Tiny with as much, if not more, personality and vibe as any of the fantastical creatures that dot these pages. Other visual elements, like the dad cooking and taking on bedtime duty, eschew the usual stereotypes. [Tiny’s] cry to “CONQUER EVERYTHING!” will ring true for small warriors-to-be.”

Publishers Weekly says “Lively digital art and comic rhythms from Spires (Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends) are reminiscent of a satisfying cartoon episode. Tiny, an indomitable, highly expressive protagonist, carries the tale, and his all-caps cry of “CONQUER EVERYTHING!” may very well start resounding through readers’ own pretend play.”

Congratulations Ashley!

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