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Michael Slack’s New Book, Kitties On Dinosaurs, Is Now Out!

22 Sep 2020

Happy book birthday to Kitties on Dinosaurs, Michael Slack’s newest book, published by Dial Books (Penguin Random House), a sweet tale about kitties looking for their next conquest to climb: Dinosaurs. Kirkus says, “Slack’s jokey, cajoling narration adds to the fun of this silly romp. The digitally painted illustrations of round-eyed kitties and toothy cartoon dinos will entice fans of both to read or listen.” And Publishers Weekly adds that Slack’s “textured, motion-focused digital art in mellow tones complements the feisty, big-eyed kitties’ nonstop action. An absurd conceit bolsters a lively story that encourages ambition, tenacity, creative problem-solving, and cuddling.”

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