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Elise Gravel Has 9 Books Featured on the Renaud-Bray Bestseller List!

13 Nov 2019

Elise Gravel has 9 books on the Renaud-Bray Bestseller list for the week of October 3rd! Renaud-Bray is the largest chain of French-language bookstores in North America and one of the largest bookstore chains in Canada. The bestsellers listed include: Une patate a veio (A Potato On A Bike), Tribu qui pue(La), Tu peaux (You Can Be), Pire livre du monde (Le) (The Worst Book Ever), Je suis terrible (I Am Terrible), Ada, la grincheuse en tutu (Cranky Ballerina), Je veux un monstre! (I Am A Monster), Grand Antonio (Le) (The Great Antonio), Cle a molette(La) (The Wrench). Read the whole bestseller list here


Congrats Elise!