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NY Times Features Nugget and Fang Go to School and The King of Kindergarten

19 Aug 2019

In “Back-to-School Picture Books to Brighten Any Kid’s First Day,” children’s book critic Maria Russo features a list of wonderful new titles to usher in the school year. Among them are The King of Kindergarten, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton, and Nugget & Fang Go to School, illustrated by Michael Slack.  Of The King of Kindergarten she writes, “This is a king whose power comes from self-respect and kindness toward all the members of his diverse classroom, and it doesn’t hurt that Brantley-Newton makes him and his classmates drop-dead adorable.”  Russo commends the Nugget & Fang sequel, writing, “Sauer (“Quiet Wyatt”) and Slack (“Shorty and Clem”) keep up the laughs, and the reassurance.”

Buy your copies of Nugget & Fang Go to School here and The King of Kindergarten here.