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A Starred Review from Kirkus for Jaime Kim’s, Where Are You From?

21 May 2019


Image result for where are you from book jaime kimWhere are you from? Illustrated by Jaime Kim and written by Yamile Saied Méndez has gotten an excellent Starred Review from Kirkus. Set to come out June 4th, the book explores the meaning behind the commonly-asked question, “Where are you from?”, as a little girl’s grandfather brings her on a journey to discover her roots. The review writes, “The question of where someone is ‘really’ from, in the United States, is too often understood as meaning: You look different; you must be from somewhere else. In this case, the illustrations portray a very diverse group of children and adults posing that very question, demonstrating the particular frustrations often experienced by people of mixed race.”

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