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The Dreamer by Il Sung Na

23 Jul 2018

The Dreamer by Il Sung Na Receives Soaring Review From Publishers Weekly

July 23, 2018

Congratulations are in order for Il Sung Na, author and illustrator of the stunning, whimsical new children’s book, The Dreamer. Ahead of its September release, Na’s book about a pig who admires birds and longs to take flight has received an excellent review from Publishers Weekly.  The review aptly points out that in his determination to soar, the mint-green pig “continues to be himself,” a bird-admiring pig. Publishers Weekly praises Na’s “visual storytelling,” taking note of the way that he uses an interplay of color to add drama, and admires the “atmosphere of cool rationality” that Na creates through plot elements such as an analysis of the pig’s failures, and the artwork depicting blackboard calculations. The moral of The Dreamer is simply, sweetly summarized by Publishers Weekly – “success requires quiet judgment and hard work.”

Pre-order your copy of The Dreamer here and read the full review from Publishers Weekly here.