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London Ladd Paints Mural of MLK Jr. and Frederick Douglass in Syracuse

16 Jul 2018

Painted Words illustrator London Ladd is taking part in an community effort to “bring hope back to Syracuse’s Southside,” starting with two murals under the railroad bridge that serves as an unofficial border between downtown Syracuse and the Southside neighborhood. These murals are meant “to mark the entrance to the Southside with hope,” and depict Martin Luther King Jr. giving his speech in 1961 at Syracuse University, as well as the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, featuring the words of these two prominent historical figures. Ladd is also planning to move into an artist’s loft above a community cafe, where he will start art programs for kids and adults on the Southside. You can read the full article about Ladd and the efforts to change the direction of the Southside neighborhood here.