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The Great Dictionary Caper, Illus. by Eric Comstock, Featured in Booklist’s Review of the Day

13 Dec 2017

Booklist’s starred review of The Great Dictionary Caper is their Review of the Day today! The review of this humorous new picture book is featured on the front page of their website. Written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Eric Comstock, The Great Dictionary Caper tells the story of what happens when the words escape from the dictionary.

Booklist calls The Great Dictionary Caper, “Delightful,” and praises both the humor and the educational worth of the story. They write, “It’s all fun and word games, but in the process, readers will also get a tidy lesson in linguistic concepts.” They also praise the elaborate page spreads which visually depict the textual word play, which are “enhanced by Comstock’s energetic, retro-flair illustrations, which fill the pages with cavorting words and creative details.” In all, Booklist concludes, “In approach and format, this is both entertaining and educational—likely to hold and pique kids’ interest in the topic and provide a fun learning supplement.”

Booklist’s starred, featured review is available here. The Great Dictionary Caper will be coming out January 2018 and is available for pre-order here.