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The New York Times Reviews La La La, Illus. by Jaime Kim, in a Round-Up of Moon Themed Picture Books

03 Nov 2017

The moon, the constant companion of the night sky, is full of wonder for children and adults alike. The New York Times recently shared a review of several newly released children’s books with the theme of the mysterious moon. Included on this list was La La La: A Story of Hope, written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Jaime Kim.

The Times immediately remarked on the “endearing” protagonist of the picture book and her “elastic expressions.” They also praised the unique, almost wordless narration, filled with the song of the protagonist to the moon. They had high praise for Jaime’s illustrations, writing, “Kim…has created sumptuous images, especially several pages awash in deep, rich purples, that suggest an expansive dreamscape where anything is possible. At the same time, DiCamillo’s barely-there text gives the art space to breathe, leaving room for children to fill in the silences with their own boundless imaginations.”

The New York Times’s full review is available hereLa La La: A Story of Hope can be purchased online here.