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High Praise for Newly Released Martha and the Slave Catchers, Illus. by Elizabeth Zunon

27 Nov 2017

Martha and the Slave Catchers, written by Harriet Hyman Alonso and illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon, is now available for purchase! This high-suspense adventure set shortly after the Fugitive Slave Act follows a young girl, Martha, who sets out to rescue her younger brother through the Underground Railroad. Martha has already been greeted with high praise from reviewers.

“Alonso pens an informative, easy-to-follow adventure story that nevertheless tackles the persistent issues arising from antebellum America, including race and skin color, situational ethics and their devastating consequences, and allyship and using privilege for justice. A tense adventure about interracial adoption that gets to the heart of what’s most important: love.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Alonso and Zunon have both done a masterful job bringing America’s pre-Civil War years to the page. Readers will sit in suspense as Martha risks her life in the Underground Railroad network. . . Fans of Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Seeds of America” series will want to pick this up.” – School Library Journal

“The fast-paced plot, filled with twists and surprises, will engage readers and spark discussion of these important issues. Alonso breathes life into the sights, sounds, and emotions of travel on the Underground Railroad.” – Elisa Carbone, author of Stealing Freedom

Martha and the Slave Catchers is available for purchase here.