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Publishers Weekly Writes Starred Review of The Great Dictionary Caper, Illus. by Eric Comstock

23 Oct 2017

Coming out January 2018, The Great Dictionary Caper is already receiving tons of advance praise! With a starred review from Kirkus already under its belt, The Great Dictionary Caper has now received a starred review from Publishers Weekly! Written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Eric Comstock, this high-energy picture books tells the story of what happens when the dictionary words get bored and escape for the day.

Publishers Weekly writes that The Great Dictionary Caper, “introduce linguistics terminology in just about the most playful way possible.” They praise Eric’s illustrations, writing, “Working in a limited palette of orange, olive, and pale blue, Comstock brings the words to vivid anthropomorphic life while visually underscoring each concept.” In all, they conclude that this picture book is, “the very definition of wordplay.”

Publishers Weekly’s full review is available hereThe Great Dictionary Caper will be coming out this winter and is available for pre-order here.