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Art Side of Life Podcast and Youtube Series Interviews Gene Barretta

09 Oct 2017

Art Side of Life is a podcast and Youtube video series that interviews successful artists. The artists share their path to success, inspirations, and tips for other aspiring actors. Recently, picture book author and illustrator Gene Barretta was interviewed by Art Side of Life!

Gene is the author of a series of fictional and non-fictional picture books, such as Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin and Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones. In his interview, he shares stories of how he came to be an illustrator, where his inspiration comes from, his favorite projects from the past, and some of his exciting new upcoming projects. Some fun tidbits: his mother knew he would be an artist ever since he drew an elephant on the walls of his childhood bedroom. Gene always dreamed about working with the Jim Henson company, and he and his brother both did. Plus, if you pay close attention, there’s also a shout-out to Painted Words!

This fun and enlightening interview is available on Youtube here and can also be viewed below.