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Praise for Guy Stuff, Illus. by Micah Player

09 Aug 2017

You might not expect American Girl to publish a book for boys going through puberty, but that’s exactly what they’ve done with Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys. Written by pediatrician Cara Natterson and illustrated by Micah PlayerGuy Stuff is a fact-filled non-fiction to help guide boys through adolescence and puberty. Guy Stuff was released as of yesterday, and already praise is pouring in. Both Bustle and the Chicago Tribune have written reviews praising Guy Stuff.

Bustle praises Guy Stuff for its gender inclusivity. As Cara Natterson points out, multiple great books have been published (many by American Girl!) to help guide young women through puberty, but far fewer exist for boys. Not only that, but Guy Stuff makes an effort to encourage young men to understand and express their emotions in a healthy way. Bustle’s full review is available here.

The Chicago Tribune also appreciates the emphasis on healthy emotional development in boys. They compliment the conversational, casual tone of the prose. They also praise Micah’s illustrations, which they call “fabulous” and “irreverent.” The Tribune’s full review can be found here.

Guy Stuff was published August 8th and can now be purchased here.