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And Then Comes Summer, Written by Tom Brenner and Illustrated by Jaime Kim

09 Mar 2017

More Praise for And Then Comes Summer Illus. by Jaime Kim

March 21, 2017

Coming out this May, And Then Comes Summer, written by Tom Brenner and illustrated by Jaime Kim, is already attracting plenty of praise! The School Library Journal and Booklist are only the latest to positively review the beautiful picture book, which is an ode to all the joys of summer.

The SLJ praised the picture book nostalgic atmosphere and beautiful imagery, writing, “the lyrical verse captures all the exuberance and simplicity of a childhood summer.” They also admired Jaime’s illustrations, which they describe as, “Buoyant and infused with energy, these picturesque images call to mind an idyllic time and place without electronics or screens and where kids are free to roam with minimal supervision.” The full review will be in the March issue of the School Library Journal.

Booklist calls And Then Comes Summer, ” a languid, poetic, joyful tribute to the hotter and stickier months,” with “stunning” descriptions. They also praise Jaime’s illustrations, writing, “Kim’s artwork is steeped in sunshine.” Overall, they conclude the picture book’s “overall effect is a celebration of playing outdoors in front yards with bare feet on those special, cherished days.” The full review is available on Booklist’s website.

And Then Comes Summer will be available for purchase May 9th. You can pre-order it online here.

Kirkus Starred Review for And Then Comes Summer, Illus. by Jaime Kim

March 9, 2017

Coming out this May, And Then Comes Summer, written by Tom Brenner and illustrated by Jaime Kim, is a joyful ode to that most wonderful of times, summer. Kirkus recently wrote a review for And Then Comes Summer, awarding it a starred review. They praise the “lush” descriptions and exuberant atmosphere. They had even more praise for Jaime’s illustrations, writing, “In gleeful acrylic illustrations, [the characters’] eyes crinkle and pop with joy, their arms fly skyward, their legs extend midstride…Looking at these fantastic freeze-frames of fun, young readers see their desire to halt time during summer months fulfilled.”

Kirkus’s full review can be found hereAnd Then Comes Summer can be pre-ordered here.