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New Review for Waiting for Pumpsie, Illus. by London Ladd

21 Feb 2017

Waiting for Pumpsie, written by Barry Wittenstein and illustrated by London Ladd, is available for purchase as of today! The picture book tells the story of a young boy, Bernard, living in Boston in the 1950s, and his dream that the Boston Red Sox will draft an African American player. Twelve years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, the Red Sox at last added Pumpsie Green to their team, making them the last major league team to integrate.

Just in time for the book’s release, a new review of Waiting for Pumpsie is available from the Fenway News newspaper. The Fenway News praises the book’s portrayal of an important civil rights event and its ode to baseball in the 50s. They write, “The book is half-criticism, half-ode. London Ladd’s illustrations Fenway as it was in the 1950s.”

You can order Waiting for Pumpsie online here.