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Turtle Tug to the Rescue by Michael Slack

05 Jan 2017

Great Review from SLJ for Michael Slack’s Turtle Tug

February 28, 2017

Michael Slack‘s tale of a courageous turtle who doubles as a tugboat and rescue vehicle, Turtle Tug, has been pulling praise and positive reviews! The newest review comes from the School Library Journal. They call the picture book, “the right combination of fun and sincerity,” and praise Michael’s narration and illustration. They write, “The nail-biting narrative chugs effortlessly alongside Slack’s bright and bold digital artwork.”

Turtle Tug will be available for purchase as of March 21st. Until then, you can pre-order it online here.

More Praise for Turtle Tug to the Rescue by Michael Slack

February 7, 2017

Michael Slack‘s newest addition to his rescue animal series, Turtle Tug to the Rescue, isn’t out for another month, but the praise is already pouring in! The picture book, which tells the story of Turtle Tug rescuing his ocean friends when a storm hits the sea, has received two new reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus.

Publishers Weekly praises Michael Slack’s evocative rhymes and illustrations, writing, “the pictures may be the best in the series, with imaginative perspectives…and texturing that feels like a cross between painting and letterpress.” They call Turtle Tug a, “an unflashy but steady hero, [whose] steely determination to save the day is admirable and inspiring.” The full review can be found here.

Kirkus was similarly impressed with the rhyming and also complimented Michae’s addition of advanced vocabulary. They commented on the admirable morals of the story, which comment both on selflessness and on environmental issues. Kirkus writes, “Fans will cheer Turtle Tug on in his mission,” and describe Turtle Tug as, “A role model for all.” Kirkus’s review can be read here.

Turtle Tug to the Rescue will be released March 21st and can be pre-ordered here.

Booklist Praises Michael Slack’s Turtle Tug to the Rescue

January 5, 2017

There’s a great new review for Michael Slack‘s upcoming picture book, Turtle Tug to the Rescue. Part of his Elecopter and Monkey Truck series, Turtle Tug shows the brave turtle tug boat setting out to rescue animals on the sea when a storm hits. Booklist praises Slack’s rhyming narration and his illustrations, writing, “Slack’s rhyming lines grow more urgent with the change in weather, echoing the escalating chaos in the colorful, richly textured artwork.” They conclude that Turtle Tug is a “story that playfully emphasizes perseverance, bravery, and togetherness.”

Turtle Tug will not be available to purchase until March, but you can pre-order it online here.