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Amazing Review from New York Journal of Books of Gene Barretta and Frank Morrison’s Muhammad Ali: A Champion is Born

04 Jan 2017

Muhammad Ali: A Champion is Born, written by Gene Barretta and illustrated by Frank Morrison, is out today! This new picture book tells the story of the heavyweight champion’s childhood and how he first began to box.

The New York Journal of Books wrote an amazing review of Muhammad Ali, praising the story, illustrations, and interesting depiction of Ali before he began his career. They call the picture book, “lovely beyond words,” and praise Gene’s writing as “fast-paced, realistic, and touching on an elemental level.” Of Frank’s illustrations, they write, “Award-winning artist Frank Morrison handles the illustrations with dignity and flare…Morrison captures the very essence of what made Cassius ‘Ali.'”

To read the whole review, follow this link to their site.  You can order Muhammad Ali online here.