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Kirkus Starred Review for Thunder Underground, written by Jane Yolen and illus. by Josée Masse

23 Nov 2016

thunder-undergroundThunder Underground, the upcoming picture book written by acclaimed author Jane Yolen and illustrated by Josée Masse, is a collection of poems centering on the idea of what lies underneath our feet, underground. This unique idea takes its main characters and the reader on a poetic adventure through the earth and the things hidden there, ranging from animals to hidden pirate treasure. 

Kirkus recently reviewed Thunder Underground with high praise and a starred review. They called the picture book, “A thoughtful exploration of nature expressed in poetry that should open the eyes of children to unseen worlds,” and they wrote of Josée’s art that, “Masse’s mixed-media illustrations portray the imaginary points of view with aplomb.”

Thunder Underground won’t be released until March 2017, but if you can’t wait for it, you can pre-order it online here.