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A Kirkus Starred Review for Loving Vs. Virginia, illus. by Shadra Strickland

19 Oct 2016

loving-vs-virginiaOur Painted Words illustrators are hitting it out of the park with Kirkus this month! Shadra Strickland‘s newest book, Loving Vs. Virginia, written by Patricia Hruby Powell and illustrated by Shadra, received a starred review from Kirkus.

As indicated by the title, Loving Vs. Virginia tells the story of the case of an interracial couple in mid-century Virginia that fought to make their marriage legal, winning in a landmark case for civil rights and love. Kirkus praised the use of timeline, photographs, quotes, and other educational materials in the story, calling it, “A beautiful model of bookmaking.” They wrote of Shadra’s illustrations, “Strickland’s blue-, gray-, and yellow-toned illustrations have a strong retro feel and tenderly reinforce the written words.”

You can find Kirkus’s full review hereLoving Vs. Virginia won’t be released until January 2017, but you can preorder it here.