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First Review for The Youngest Marcher, illus. by Vanessa B. Newton, From Kirkus

19 Oct 2016

the-youngest-marcherThe Youngest Marcher, written by Cynthia Levinson and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton, won’t be published until January of 2017. But it already has its first review, from Kirkus!

The historically based picture book tells the story of Audrey, the youngest protester in the Birmingham civil rights protests. After hearing the adults and civil rights activists in her community, including Martin Luther King, discuss civil rights injustices, Audrey knows what she must do and is unafraid of the consequences…even of being arrested! Kirkus praises the way Levinson “carefully tailors her text to a level suitable for a younger audience,” and they write that Vanessa’s “digital illustrations burst with color against a white background.”

Check out the full review here. If you can’t wait to read The Youngest Marcher, you can preorder it online here.