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Congratulations to Huy Voun Lee, Winner of the 2016 Japan Day Art Contest

26 Apr 2016


Huy Voun Lee is the winner of the 2016 Japan Day Art Contest!  As the winner, her original artwork will be used as the official poster for Japan Day.  She also won a trip to Japan and other prizes. Of her artwork, Huy said,

“I decided it was best to use meaningful Eastern and Western symbols: origami cranes, monarch butterflies and cherry blossoms. Cranes represent peace and everlastingness. Monarch butterfly is a North American species. No matter how far they migrate, they always come back home in the spring. Cherry blossoms, in Japanese culture, represent a beautiful, yet fleeting moment in life that can never be forgotten.”

Read more about the award and Huy’s artwork here.

Japan Day is Sunday, May 8th in New York City’s Central Park.  You can learn more about the upcoming festivities by watching the video here.