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Over on a Mountain illustrated by Jill Dubin receives praise from Kirkus Reviews

17 Dec 2014

over on a mountainOver on a Mountain, written by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Jill Dubin, has received advanced praise from Kirkus Reviews. The book is the next installment in Berkes’ early science books and is the fifth book in the series illustrated by Jill Dubin. Previous titles include Over in a River, Over in the Forest, Over in the Arctic and Over in Australia.

Regarding Jill Dubin’s artwork, Kirkus said: “As with most in this series, the artwork stands out for its beauty and craftsmanship. Dubin’s textured cut- and torn-paper illustrations evoke both animals and habitats—fur looks soft, rocks look hard, and one can almost smell the greenery, though the scenes are less realistic than cute.”

Over on a Mountain will be available to purchase in March 2015.