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Connie Schofield-Morrison
Authored Books
  • I Got the Rhythm (Bloomsbury)
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Constance Lombardo
Authored Books
  • Mr. Puffball: Stunt Cat Across America (Harper Children's)
  • Mr. Puffball, Stunt Cat to the Stars (Harper Children's)
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Marilyn Sadler
Authored Books
  • Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Hat (HarperCollins)
  • Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Pizza Slice (Harper Collins)
  • Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni (Blue Apple Books)
  • Alistair Series (Simon & Schuster)
  • Honey Bunny Series (Random House)
  • Funny Bunny Series (Random House)
  • Pass It On! (Blue Apple Books)
  • Alice from Dallas (Abrams)
  • Ten Eggs in a Nest (Random House)
  • Zenon Series (Simon & Schuster)
  • Elizabeth and Larry Series (Simon & Schuster)
  • The Parakeet Girl (Random House)
  • The Copykitty (Western Publishing Co.)
  • Chuck Wood and the Woodchucks in The Big Game (Golden Books)
  • Nanny Goat and the Lucky Kid (Golden Books)
  • Bob 'n John in Bad to the Bone (Whistlestop/ Troll Publishing)
  • Blue Barry Bear Counts from 1 to 20 (Golden Books)
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Peter Stein
Authored Books
  • Little Red's Riding Hood (Orchard Press/Scholastic)
  • Trucks Galore (Candlewick Press)
  • Cars Galore (Candlewick Press)
  • Toys Galore (Candlewick Press)
  • Bugs Galore (Candlewick Press)
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Authors / Illustrators

Eric Barclay
Authored Books
  • I Can See Just Fine (Appleseed)
  • Hiding Phil (Scholastic Press)
  • Rainbow Cats (Smart Ink Press)
  • Counting Dogs (Smart Ink Press)
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Gene Barretta
Authored Books
  • The Bat Can Bat: A Book of True Homonyms (Henry Holt)
  • Muhammad Ali: A Champion is Born, illustrated by Frank Morrison (Katherine Tegen Books)
  • Lincoln and Kennedy: A Pair to Compare (Henry Holt)
  • Timeless Thomas (Henry Holt)
  • Now & Ben (Henry Holt)
  • Neo Leo (Henry Holt)
  • Jack the Tripper (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  • Zoolapalooza (Henry Holt)
  • Dear Deer (Square Fish)
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Authored Books
  • Where's the Elephant (Egmont UK Ltd)
  • Extraordinary Pets (Blue Apple Books)
  • Line of Fire (Phoenix Yard Books)
  • Where's Mary's Hat (Viking Penguin)
  • Mr. Katapat's Incredible Adventures (Viking Penguin)
  • Plain and Fancy (Blue Apple Books)
  • Naughty and Nice (Blue Apple Books)
  • Draw Patterns With Barroux (Blue Apple Books)
  • My Goldfish (Eerdmans Books)
  • O Brasil! (Glenat/Sillage)
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Linda Bleck
Authored Books
  • Whats in My Train? (Scholastic)
  • Santa's Hat (Running Press)
  • What's in My Truck? (Scholastic)
  • Pepper Picks a Pumpkin (Little Simon)
  • Pepper Goes to School (Little Simon)
  • Pepper's Valentine Surprise (Little Simon)
  • Pepper's Snow Day (Little Simon)
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K.G. Campbell
Authored Books
  • Dylan the Villain
  • The Mermaid and the Shoe (Kids Can Press)
  • Lester's Dreadful Sweaters (Kids Can Press)
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Mircea Catusanu
Authored Books
  • The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep (Penguin Group)
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Sue Cornelison
Authored Books
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas in Iowa (Sterling Publishing)
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Stephen Costanza
Authored Books
  • Vivaldi and the Invisible Orchestra (Henry Holt & Co.)
  • Mozart Finds a Melody (Henry Holt & Co.)
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Sarah Dillard
Authored Books
  • Mouse Scouts (Random House)
  • First Day at Zoo School (Sleeping Bear Press)
  • Extraordinary Warren Saves the Day (Simon & Schuster)
  • Extraordinary Warren (Simon & Schuster)
  • Perfectly Arugula (Sterling Publishing)
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Elise Gravel
Authored Books
  • Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere (Harper Collins)
  • The Cranky Ballerina (Harper Collins)
  • I Want A Monster (Harper Collins)
  • Jessie Elliot Is a Big Chicken (Roaring Brook)
  • Le Grand Antonio (La Pasteque)
  • The Toad (Tundra Books)
  • Disgusting Critters Series (Tundra)
  • The Spider (Tundra)
  • Adopt a Glurb (Blue Apple Books)
  • A Day in the Office of Doctor Bugspit (Blue Apple Books)
  • Let's Draw Together (Blue Apple Books)
  • Blast Off with Doodle Tom (Blue Apple Books)
  • How Do You Doodle? (Magination Press)
  • La Cle a molette (La Court Echelle)
  • Bienvenue a la Monstrerie (400 Coups)
  • Super Dudu (400 Coups)
  • The Slug (Tundra)
  • The Rat (Tundra
  • The Fly (Tundra)
  • The Worm (Tundra)
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Gabrielle Grimard
Authored Books
  • Lila and the Crow (Annick Press)
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Huy Voun Lee
Authored Books
  • Origami Playhouse (Chronicle)
  • 1, 2, 3, Go! (Henry Holt)
  • In the Park (Henry Holt)
  • In the Leaves (Henry Holt)
  • In the Snow (Henry Holt)
  • At the Beach (Henry Holt)
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Il Sung Na
Authored Books
  • Bird, Balloon, Bear (Knopf)
  • Opposite Zoo (Knopf)
  • Welcome Home, Bear (Knopf)
  • A Book of Sleep (Knopf)
  • Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit (Knopf)
  • A Book of Babies (Knopf)
  • Hide & Seek (Knopf)
  • The Thingamabob (Knopf)
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Vanessa B Newton
Authored Books
  • Grandma's Purse (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
  • Don't Let Auntie Mabel Bless the Table (Blue Apple Books)
  • Let Freedom Sing (Blue Apple Books)
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Micah Player
Authored Books
  • Chloe, Instead (Chronicle Books)
  • Lately Lily (Chronicle Books)
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Mark Rogalski
Authored Books
  • Tickets to Ride (Running Press Book Publisher)
  • Robox (Running Press Book Publisher)
  • Dream Machines (Running Press Book Publisher)
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Michael Slack
Authored Books
  • Shorty and Clem (HarperCollins)
  • Turtle Tug to the Rescue (Henry Holt & Co)
  • Elecopter (Henry Holt & Co.)
  • Monkey Truck (Henry Holt & Co.)
  • Wazdot? (Disney-Hyperion)
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Betsy Snyder
Authored Books
  • Haiku Night (Random House)
  • I Can Dance (Chronicle)
  • I Can Play (Chronicle)
  • Haiku Baby (Random House)
  • I Haiku You (Random House)
  • Sweet Dreams Lullaby (Random House)
  • Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? (Random House)
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Ashley Spires
Authored Books
  • The Thing Lou Couldn't Do (Kids Can Press)
  • P.U.R.S.T. Adventures (Kids Can Press)
  • Binky the Space Cat Series (Kids Can Press)
  • The Most Magnificent Thing (Kids Can Press)
  • Over-Scheduled Andrew (Tundra)
  • Edie's Ensembles (Tundra)
  • Small Saul (Kids Can Press)
  • Larf (Kids Can Press)
  • Penguin and the Cupcake (Simply Read Books)
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Shadra Strickland
Authored Books
  • Jump In (forthcoming from Bloomsbury)
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Nate Williams
Authored Books
  • Hank & Snoliver, Put Down the Phone! (Gibbs Smith)
  • Hank & Snoliver in What Can I Be? (Gibbs Smith)
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