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Pre-K Pitches

Bayou Wack-a-Doo

Michael Slack

Home sweet bayou

LaRue Can Do

Michael Slack

Where there’s a drill, there’s a way.

Based on the upcoming picture book from Henry Holt & Co.


Team Wild

Michael Slack

Three animal/vehicle hybrids on a mission

Inspired by the beloved children’s books Monkey Truck and Elecopter (Henry Holt, 2011-13) and the upcoming Turtle Tug (Henry Holt, 2015)

Watch the Monkey Truck book trailer

Michael Slack

Little aliens meet a big world

Based on the picture book Wazdot? (Disney-Hyperion, 2014)

Watch the book trailer for Wazdot?

Michael Slack

Zoom through Motokyo with the Muta-Motos

Bobo's Toy Box

Marilyn Sadler and Brent Cottrell

Bobo’s Toy Box: Open for business

Nature Rocks

Marilyn Sadler and David Sheldon

Help Ruby grow a garden from seed to table

Mrs. Henny's Little Theater

Marilyn Sadler and Steve Mack

There’s more drama behind the curtain than onstage

Perfectly Arugula

Sarah Dillard

The Martha Stewart of Hedgehogs must learn to practice what she preaches

Little Wonders

Betsy Snyder

Explore the sights and sounds of nature with Haiku and friends