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Jessie Elliot is a Big Chicken by Elise Gravel

Roaring Brook Press

Jessie Elliot is a nerdy pre-teen trying to enjoy her last summer before high school, where normal kids become lame teenagers.

Jessie Elliot’s life is an epic fail. She wants to be cool, but it’s way more fun being uncool. Her days are filled with illustrating her comic book Super Pickle, pulling pranks with her cat Ottawa, and daydreaming about her crush, Ben.  Still, it’s the last summer before she goes to Hochelaga High—where the cool kids smoke, have piercings, and make out in abandoned parking lots. Jessie’s “uncool” summer plans, including getting a high score on Tetris and reading weird books at her BFF Julie’s cottage, are shattered when Julie befriends one of the cool girls: Jessie’s ex-best friend turned totally vapid high schooler, Isabelle Lemoine.

A Day in the Office of Doctor Bugspit by Elise Gravel

Blue Apple Books

An uninformed egotistical doctor treats his zany patients with grotesque remedies.

Doctor Bugspit is no more than a quack with an oversized ego and an infinite capacity to spout useless advice. His so-called cure-all is a homemade “Fix It Up Syrup,” which includes “top secret” ingredients such as sock juice, dead flies, and ear wax. Featuring freaky alien maladies and extra doses of humor!

Blast Off with Doodle Tom: A Space Doodle Oddyssey by Elise Gravel

Blue Apple Books

Doodling their way in and out of adventure, Doodle Tom and Astrocat learn from their travels.

Doodle Tom and Astrocat explore the galaxy in style: meeting aliens, learning about rocket ships, and wearing cool pairs of shades while catching rays from that big ball of fire we call the Sun – all while using their scientific savvy and dispensing fun facts about Space.

I Want a Monster! by Elise Gravel 

Harper Collins

All of her friends have pet monsters, and Winnie really, really wants one of her own. When her Dad finally agrees to let her adopt a monster, they go to the Monsterium. From hundreds of monster species, Winnie picks out a little red guy named Gus.  She soon discovers that baby monsters are nothing like she expected! They grow quickly, love causing trouble, and make all sorts of weird sounds.  It’s a good thing they’re so cute, right? Winnie has a lot to learn about how to train and raise a happy, healthy monster.

The Cranky Ballerina by Elise Gravel

Harper Collins

On Saturdays, Ada gets a little bit cranky. She mopes, she’s feisty, she doesn’t finish her breakfast. The reason being? Saturdays mean one thing: ballet class. And Ada HATES ballet. From tutus to arabesques to her complete lack of grace, ballet is a disaster for Ada. Luckily Mr. Chop’s Karate Class is right next door to Miss Pointy’s Dance Studio, and there might just be an open spot for this cranky ballerina.

The Disgusting Critters Series by Elise Gravel

Tundra Books

Elise Gravel shows that rats, slugs, flies, and worms should be embraced as fascinating friends, instead of looked down upon as yucky nuisances. The series investigates the lives of these creatures and doesn’t spare any of the gross details of their existence. Accompanied by Gravel’s trademark doodles, this hilarious and informative series is a must-have for kids that enjoy the grosser side of life- and might make converts out of those who don’t!


Super Dudes by Elise Gravel

Harper Collins

Whether it’s stealing Marco Potato’s cash register, transforming into a fly to spread disease, or even worse, making kids eat broccoli, the villainous Captain Evil is always plotting some nasty trick! Fortunately for us, the Super Dudes are ever vigilant, with their array of… let’s say unconventional superpowers: Super Bloop, who can understand fly language; Super Marf, who can make broccoli explode; Super Thingamajig who can see through cereal boxes; Super Zoob, who has a glow-in-the-dark belly button; Super-Gizmo who can turn water into cheese; and Super Bunko, who can disarm foes from a distance by farting!

Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere by Elise Gravel

Harper Collins

When Olga crosses paths with a weird creature and becomes the first kid to discover the species olgamus ridiculus, she is ecstatic! What does an olgamus eat? How does it poop? Why does its burp sound like the word rubber? With her trusty observation notebook and the help of a librarian, a shopkeeper, and some friends, Olga sets out to do science—learning the facts about her smelly, almost-furry pal and searching for him when he goes missing. The scientific method is the best way to discover anything!

Dream Machines by Mark Rogalski

Running Press Books

What’s a tyke who can’t tucker out to do? Find a special star and make a wish to play all night. Only one problem: how do you find your own wishing star? Just climb aboard the Dream Machines and blast off for adventures through sea, land and sky in search of that special star! From The Bubble Sub in your bathroom to The Moon and beyond, you’ll find an amazing array of machines that prove dreams can indeed take you anywhere!

Robox by Mark Rogalski

Running Press Books

Renny designs a robot named Rex to be the perfect friend, but Rex’s destructive appetite gets in the way.

A young boy named Renny designs a robot named Rex to fend off nasty cats, bullies, and Mom’s bad cooking, yucky grusseled sprouts. Though, one thing Renny didn’t account for was Rex’s insatiable appetite! When Rex starts eating more than grusseled sprouts – including homework, sneakers, (and even humans!), Renny must find out a way to stop this once simple robot from being a super powered ROBOX with an unstoppable hunger for danger!

Tickets to Ride by Mark Rogalski

Running Press Books

Dizzyland Dream Park is a fantastical amusement park full of rides so outrageous you won’t be sure if you’re dreaming or awake. You need a different ticket to enter each of the twenty-six rides in the park, and you’re in for a whirlwind trip no matter which one you choose. There’s the Carousel Camel, which will send you forward and backward in time, and the Hippo Hop, sure to make your stomach drop. You’ll float down from six miles above in the Parachute Pigs, and slide slowly along a rail with Steamy the snail. Mark Rogalski’s digital illustrations are detailed and colorful, visually conjuring up the dream world of Dizzyland Park.

Dylan the Villain by K.G. Campbell


Dylan the Villain wants to prove that he’s the most evil super villain in his kindergarten class. He sets out to create the most diabolical robot of all time, which will surely earn him the title. The robot has a shrink ray, a freeze ray, evil laser eyes, and even supersonic rockets for space travel. Is it evil enough, or will Dillain’s arch-nemesis, Addison Van Malice, take home the prize?

A Small Zombie Problem by K.G. Campbell

Random House

A Small Zombie Problem is a tale of voodoo magic, an enchanted treasure, and ZOMBIES, all taking place in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. August LeBlanc is an 11 year old boy who’s lived a sheltered existence. In fact, he’s never stepped outside of the mansion where he lives with his Aunt Butterfly. When a mysterious invitation arrives from the grandmother he’s never met, August finally leaves his house and embarks on an epic adventure. With the introduction of relatives both living and undead, a great mystery surrounding August’s ancestry begins to unfold.

Extraordinary Warren by Sarah Dillard

Simon & Schuster

When an ordinary chicken named Warren and his newly hatched sidekick Egg seek adventure, extraordinary things might happen, as long as they can avoid Millard the arrogant rat.

Warren; a bespectacled chicken, is bored with the everyday routine: peck, cluck, feed; peck, cluck, feed. Same old, same old.  He is sure that he is destined for greater things, but the only one who believes in him is his trusty sidekick Egg; a newly hatched chick.  Together they seek adventure in the barnyard and beyond.  The only thing that can stop them is Millard, a villainous rat who is determined to make Warren into a Super Chicken Dinner.

Mouse Scouts by Sarah Dillard

Random House

Best friends Violet and Tigerlily are as different as can be, but they must learn to work together or they’ll be demoted from Mouse Scouts to Buttercups!

Violet and Tigerlily have finally advanced from Buttercups to Mouse Scouts, but being a Mouse Scout is a lot harder than they expected. For one thing, their troop leader Miss Poppy runs a tight ship, and being even a few minutes late to meetings means big trouble.  From projects like tending their own vegetable gardens to camping out in the wilderness, these two friends must play to each other’s strengths and learn to compromise, or they’ll get booted back to Buttercups.

First Day at Zoo School by Sarah Dillard


Amanda the Panda and Alfred the Alligator form an unlikely friendship on the first day of school, and must learn to accept one another for who they are.

When Amanda first bounds up to Alfred on the first day of school, he finds her to be somewhat annoying. She is boisterous and outgoing, while he is quiet and reserved.  She is excited for school, while he is nervous. She loves the spotlight, while he wants nothing more than to blend into the background. Through humorous scenarios and everyday school experiences, their friendship blooms and they learn to accept each other’s differences.

Perfectly Arugula by Sarah Dillard

Sterling Books

When Arugula, the perfectionist hedgehog, decides to throw a tea party for her friends, everything has to be clean and orderly. As she finds out, that doesn’t make for the most fun party! When her best friend, Fidget, arrives to the party, he tries to liven up the mood, but breaks some of Arugula’s rules in doing so.  Arugula has to learn to let go of her perfectionism enough to have some fun!

The Great Inventors Series by Gene Barretta

Henry Holt & Co.

A playful, informative examination of how three great inventors changed our lives. 

From telephones to electricity to bridges, the modern world as we know it would not exist without the revolutionary creations of three great inventors: Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison. Separated by centuries, these three men were united by their awesome ability to see how the world could one day look – and invent the devices to make their vision a reality.

Jack the Tripper by Gene Barretta

HMH Books for Young Readers

A mysterious villain is tripping the poor, innocent students at Dizzie Day Elementary School…and that’s just the beginning.

Jack the Tripper follows the escapades of the Dizzie Day Elementary School kids, as they try to unmask the mysterious villain, Jack the Tripper, causing mayhem and panic in their school. Polly just wants her book report back. Winston wants to find the missing Dizzie Day parade candy. Mary wants to know what happened to the class pet. And Reggie wants to know who is trying to sabotage the Dizzie Day Christmas pageant. As the kids get closer to exposing Jack the Tripper, they realize that Dizzie Day Elementary may be the site of more than just a mischievous boot-kicking villain at work…

Lincoln and Kennedy: A Pair to Compare by Gene Barretta

Henry Holt & Co.

President Abraham Lincoln grew up in a one-room log cabin. President John F. Kennedy was raised in the lap of luxury. One was a Republican and one a Democrat. They lived and served a hundred years apart. Yet they had a number of things in common. Some were coincidental: having seven letters in their last names. Some were monumental: Lincoln’s support for the abolitionist movement and Kennedy’s support for the civil rights movement. They both lost a son while in office. And, of course, both were assassinated. In this illuminating book, Gene Barretta offers an insightful portrait of two of our country’s most famous presidents.

Mr. Puffball, Stunt-cat to the Stars by Constance Lombardo

Harper Collins

Feline actor Mr. Puffball hits the Hollywood scene and learns that life isn’t as glamorous as the movies.

Young and idealistic Mr. Puffball hitches his way across the country propelled by one dream: to become a movie star…in Hollywood! After many challenges, he lands a job as the stunt-cat to his hero, Hollywood legend El Gato. When El Gato is sent to Anger Management for his bad temper, Mr. Puffball steps in as a temporary replacement. As he becomes better acquainted with his idol, he discovers that El Gato isn’t as perfect as he appears on the big screen…

Sweet Dreams Lullaby by Betsy Snyder

Random House

A poetic bedtime story about a little bunny who visits peaceful nature scenes in his dreams, encountering playful animals along the way. He plays with dragonflies in the meadow, says hello to sleepy frogs in the pond, hoots with the forest’s watchful owl, and splashes in rain puddles with ducklings.

Wazdot? by Michael Slack


Would make great short!

Explore Earth with the wonder and curiosity of an innocent alien named Blip. Earth can be a scary and intimidating place, especially if you’re an intergalactic visitor! Using his trusty decoder beam, Blip navigates his way through a farm, discovering what the mysterious sights and shapes he comes across are.  But as it turns out, his mom has been worried sick about his whereabouts. A pig, a picnic, and a few angry ducks later, it’s back to space for Blip until his next trip back to Earth!

Monkey Truck by Michael Slack

Henry Holt & Co.

Ever determined to help every flummoxed flamingo, tiger in trouble, or parrot with a problem, Monkey Truck is definitely a full-speed-ahead look-before-you-leap kind of guy.  He just can’t help himself! Watch him un-stick a sticky hippo, help a wart hog cross a raging river, or give a crabby crocodile a soothing massage. Even when he’s not on a mission, Monkey Truck is at full-tilt play—with daredevil stunts and all sorts of crazy monkeyshines.  And, of course, he’s positively bananas for bananas, his “fuel” of choice.


Elecopter by Michael Slack

Henry Holt & Co.

Perched on her treetop elepad, Elecopter keeps watch over the forest. Whenever there are bungles in the jungle, or chaos in the canopy, she will trumpet her alarm and zoom off to save the day.

Bunny Built by Michael Slack

Henry Holt & Co.

Life in Westmore Oaks moves at a leisurely pace, but not for LaRue.

Industrious and compassionate, LaRue is happiest when working, building, or bulldozing, all for the sake of improving the community. He is always ready to lend a helping hand (or hammer) to his friends and neighbors, delving into his massive equipment yard for the perfect tool for the job.

Shorty and Clem by Michael Slack

Harper Collins

A hilarious new buddy comedy series from the wacky mind of Michael Slack, Shorty and Clem tells the adventures of best friends Shorty the Shortysaurus and Clem the Quail. In the first story, Shorty has to fight the urge to open a package addressed to Clem…but that doesn’t mean he can’t imagine what’s inside or play with it! 

Turtle Tug by Michael Slack

Henry Holt & Co.

Turtle Tug is on the lookout! This chugging, tugging turtle powers through gusty winds and treacherous tides, combing the seas to protect his friends from a dangerous storm. From panicking puffins to entangled sperm whales, Turtle Tug is out to rescue all his sea-dwelling friends. He’s a turtle tugboat on a mission to make the world a safer place.

Charlie Piechart by Eric Comstock and Marilyn Sadler

Harper Collins

Charlie Piechart follows 8-year-old boy detective, Charlie and his canine sidekick Watson in their hometown of Pi-ville. Charlie must solve mysteries for his friends, classmates, and neighbors, using his detective skills, deductive reasoning and MATH!!  In the first book, Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Slice, the family pizza night is disrupted when a slice disappears, and Charlie must use his unconventional methods to solve the mystery.

Tony Baroni Loves Macaroni by Lucie Crovatto and Marilyn Sadler

Blue Apple Books

No one loved macaroni and cheese more than Tony Baroni.

He ate it for breakfast. He ate it at noon. He ate it for dinner by the light of the moon. His grandmother tried to tempt him with other yummy dishes, but Tony would have none of it. Then one day Tony tasted pizza, and there was no going back.

Welcome Home, Bear by Il Sung Na


Bear grows tired of waking up every morning in the same green forest under the same blue sky, so he sets out to find a new home. He pays a visit to each of his friends to see if there’s a place for him in their homes – but Goat’s cliff is too steep, Mole’s underground burrow is too dirty, Octopus’ ocean is too deep, and so on. Eventually Bear realizes what place isn’t too steep, too dirty, too deep, too cold, muddy, or hot…his little spot in the green forest under the blue sky.

A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na


The nocturnal owl is hidden on every page of this sweet bedtime story, observing the sleeping habits of animals across the world.

Some animals stand up while they sleep, some sleep with their eyes open. When the sun comes up, all of the animals wake up and it’s the owl’s turn to rest. Na’s beautifully whimsical illustrations and understated text make this book a rare treasure. 

A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na


A beautiful book about baby animals, from chicks to zebras, portrayed in Na’s gorgeous, vibrant illustrations. With his gently amusing touch, Na illuminates the similarities and differences between baby animals from all walks of life. 

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na


A simple and sweet tale about what happens to animals in the wintertime. 

Na explores the migrations or adaptations to the changing weather by following a little white rabbit as he visits different animals.  Some travel far to warmer climates, others have woolly coats to endure the cold. 

Hide and Seek by Il Sung Na


A game of hide-and-seek in the jungle sends all of the animals searching for hiding spots while Elephant counts to ten. After all of the animals are found, only one is missing: the chameleon. Can you help Elephant find him? 

The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na


One day an elephant finds a thingamabob. No one can tell what it is, so the elephant tries to figure it out. He determines that the thingamabob is not good for floating, hiding behind, or flying. When it starts to rain, the elephant opens up the thingamabob and holds it over his head. The thingamabob keeps him from getting wet! All of the animals crowd under it, and the elephant realizes, they need a bigger thingamabob. 

Bird, Balloon, Bear by Il Sung Na


In this unique tale of friendship, told with Na’s trademark sly humor, a shy little bird wants to befriend a lonely bear. Before he can introduce himself, Bear finds another friend: a balloon he names Red.  Bird thinks that if only Red wasn’t in the picture, he and Bear would become the best of friends. Bird follows the duo, and tries to get Red out of his way without Bear catching on.   

A Pig Who Admires Birds by Il Sung Na


This story of a pig that dreams of flying, and devises a plan to make his dream a reality, will inspire people to dream bigger.  With this special tale, Il Sung Na is playing on the idiom about flying pigs, creating a lovely message: if pigs can fly, and we can fly, what else might be possible?