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Gerald Kelley’s Please Please the Bees Included on Kirkus’s List of Recommended Environmental Books

19 May 2017

get link Kirkus recently shared “Getting Down to Earth,” a list of three recommended children’s books with strong environmental themes. Included on this list is Gerald Kelley‘s recently published Please Please the Bees. His authorial debut, Please Please the Bees is the story of a bear who loves honey…until the bees that make his honey go on strike!

how to buy Lyrica online Kirkus called Please “a delightful surprise,” and praised the book for combining pro-union messages with environmental themes. Kirkus recommends it to any teachers wanting to educate children on labor strikes or on the dangers currently facing honeybees. But Please Please the Bees should be an enjoyable picture book even to those not interested in those vital topics, because as Kirkus writes, “It’s funny and thought-provoking, and Kelley’s expressive paintings are sunny and warm.”

Kirkus’s “Getting Down to Earth” article is available here, and some awesome spreads from Please are linked here. You can purchase Please Please the Bees here.