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Shorty and Clem Released, Michael Slack Book Signing in Napa Bookmine

27 Apr 2017

It’s a busy week for Michael Slack! He has a new book out and he will be doing a book signing this weekend for Independent Bookstore Day.

Michael’s newest book, Shorty and Clem, is available for purchase as of April 25th. This sweet picture book tells the story of the friendship between a blue quail and a short dinosaur. When Shorty ruins a package for Clem, he worries that he ruined their friendship too. And what was inside the mysterious package? Shorty and Clem can be purchased here.

Independent Book Store Day, a holiday meant to celebrate the hard work of small bookstores everywhere, is this April 29th. In honor of this exciting day, Michael will be reading his two newest books, Shorty and Clem and Turtle Tug to the Rescue, at Napa Bookmine in California. He’ll be available for book signings afterward. If you’re in the area, he’d love it if you dropped by! More information about this event is available here.