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Noah Webster’s Fighting Words, Illustrated by Mircea Catusanu and Written by Tracy Nelson Maurer

02 Feb 2017

Starred Review from Publishers Weekly for Noah Webster’s Fighting Words, Illus. by Mircea Catusanu

March 6, 2017

Publishers Weekly wrote a starred review for Noah Webster’s Fighting Words, an upcoming picture book written by Tracy Nelson Maurer and illustrated by Mircea Catusanu. Noah Webster tells the life story of the creator of the first American English dictionary. Publishers Weekly praises its humorous tone, calling it, “a boisterous account of a singular contributor to America’s linguistic legacy.” They also praise Mircea’s illustrations, writing, “Catusanu…creates lively, patchwork scenes that incorporate samples from prints, newspapers, books, and Webster’s own letters.”

Noah Webster’s Fighting Words will be released April 1st. You can pre-order it online here.

Noah Webster’s Fighting Words, Illus. by Mircea Catusanu, Receives a Starred Review from SLJ

February 2, 2017

The School Library Journal wrote a starred review of upcoming picture book, Noah Webster’s Fighting Words, written by Tracy Nelson Maurer and illustrated by Mircea CatusanuNoah Webster’s Fighting Words is a humorous biography of American icon Noah Webster, who compiled the first dictionary of English as spoken in America. The SLJ praised the “wonderfully clever and humorous depiction of Noah Webster,” and call the picture book, “engaging and amusing.” They praised Mircea’s illustrations as being an integral part of the book’s charm, writing, “The second element that makes the title so delightful is the collaged illustrations, which incorporate archival images and excerpts from primary documents in a visually appealing, lighthearted way.”

Noah Webster’s Fighting Words comes out in April of 2017. You can pre-order it online here.