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Liz Zunon, Shadra Strickland, and Vanessa Newton on Time for Kids’ List of Recommended Black History Month Books

09 Feb 2017

In honor of Black History Month, Time for Kids compiled a list of eight new children’s books that honor black history and interviewed the authors and illustrators of these recommended picture books. TFK’s article was also featured on Three books that were illustrated by Painted Words artists made the list!

The Legendary Miss Lena Horne, written by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Liz Zunon, tells the life story of singer, actress, and civil rights activist Lena Horne. TFK interviewed the author, and she said that she hopes that Lena’s story can be “can be both an inspiration and a guide to overcoming obstacles.” The Legendary Lena Horne can be purchased here

The Youngest Marcher, written by Cynthia Levinson and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newtonis the true story of the youngest known marcher in the Birmingham civil rights protests. Cynthia Levinson told TFK, “The story is also about knowing in your heart what is right and facing down your fear.” The Youngest Marcher can be purchased here.

2017 is the 50th anniversary of landmark civil rights case, “Loving Vs. Virginia,” which made it legal for people of different races to marry. The documentary picture book Loving Vs. Virginia, written by Patricia Hruby Powell and illustrated by Shadra Strickland, tells the story of this famous case. TFK interviewed Shadra, and she told TFK, “It’s empowering to read about normal people who [are] able to find great courage and overcome challenges in life.” Loving Vs. Virginia can be purchased here.

Time for Kids’ full list of recommended black history month books can be found here. The version can be found here.